Since the Corona lockdown started, the Bicycle Workshop in Eastover has been open and working on NHS and key worker’s bikes.

Many workers are taking advantage of quiet roads and the lovely weather, to change their mode of transport.

Does it take a crisis to trigger a revolution?

Cyclists are keenly aware of vehicular traffic and the risks associated with riding a bicycle. Cyclists routinely take in lungfuls of air pollution, experience dangerous passes and hear verbal abuse as they ride. Bashing bicyclists is good sport for some.

Comments on social media such as “you should see the number of bikes out there, it’s insane!” defy logic. Just think: “Have you seen the number of cars out there? It’s insane!” It has been insane, our society has allowed a car centric approach to destroy town centres and to slice communities apart.

If Corona Lockdown teaches us anything, let it be to re-humanize our public spaces into safe, pleasant walkable, rideable streets.

If you want to support the movement for safer cycling in Bridgwater checkout

Source : Bicycle Workshop, Eastover


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