Where is this year going?

We are only three weeks until the Bridgwater Carnival and we can’t wait.


The Carnival is a year long process, with events taking place all year round for promotions and money raising activities. The Schedule gives you a full breakdown of all the events taking place throughout the year so you can watch or be involved.

2018 – Dates Event Description

Monday 1st October – Carnival Concerts begin
Saturday 13th October – Carnival Concerts end
Friday 2nd November – Grand Firework Display
Saturday 3rd November – Street Entertainment from 10.30 am
Saturday 3rd November – Carnival Pre-Procession 6.35 pm
Saturday 3rd November – Carnival Procession 7 pm
Saturday 3rd November – Squibbing Display 10.45 pm approx

We would love to hear about your memories of previous carnivals.


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