Diversity Voice Under the Umbrella of “Bridgwater Together” are pleased to invite you to an event to celebrate Poland’s Independence Day on Saturday, November 10th at 2:00 pm – 5.30 pm. The event will be held at Victoria Park Community Centre, Victoria Park Drive, Bridgwater, TA6 7AS and a great opportunity to come and meet different cultures, taste loads of food provided by people from different nationalities. We would like to invite especially HPC workers and their families who are new to our community. The event is free of charge, everyone welcome.

Please come and join us to celebrate Poland’s Independence Day! It was the 11th of November 1918 when Poland after 120 years of non-existence restored its’ sovereignty. For many people it is a day to reflect on their country’s history and an opportunity to express their patriotic sentiment.

This is a great opportunity to show society the Polish culture and the meaning of the 11th of November and to build a good relationship. The event is also to celebrate Independence Day for other European countries like the Czech Republic,who celebrate on 17th November. We celebrate liberation of Latvia, Lithunia and Estonia. Diversity Voice underline 100 years of British Remembrance Day to remember members of the armed forces who have died in the line of duty, as well as all those who have been involved with and affected by war and conflict.

We welcome new workers of Hinkley Point C and their families. Other representatives of the local police, educational organisations etc will also be joining us on this special day so there will be good opportunity to learn and share.

It’s an important date for all Polish people and we would like to make all the effort to commemorate these dates and to make it possible for us to celebrate together.

Everyone from different nationalities and children of all ages are welcome to come together to enjoy and celebrate this important day. Let’s get the children involved and help them to understand what Independence Day is all about. With fun activities for whole families, crafts and activities for kids, face painting, games and a range of creative workshops like ‘kids painting a rainbow’ run by Pete the Poet. There will be polish band Lavender, African Drummers,a short history movie about Polish people living in Somerset since the second world war, run by Michal Puzynski, adult international food tasting and all sorts of activities. There will be games and fun activities, also for everyone who will take a part in our survey there will be a chance to win a price:

The Hair and Beauty Gallery
Hair: Stylist-Ewa Kapral : tel: 07902 065675
Beauty therapist: Agnieszka Kryszewska : tel: 07864 104014
(donating a gift voucher for £100),

Hands On
Massage: Tracey Hooper : Email : tel: 07725 940057
(donating a gift voucher for £50),

Malwina Wykretowicz : tel: 07548 420001
(donating set of Avon products)

Taylormade Crafts
Sue Taylor : tel: 07792 489842 email
(donating balloon towers),

Nice Buns
Tel: 07748 847403
(donating cupcakes),

The Royal British Legion

Young people will learn to appreciate the courage and sacrifice of Polish ancestors in the struggle for independence. This will include a workshop which is a real story about Wojtek the Polish Bear who became a soldier in the Polish army. Films will be presented regarding history and the beauty of Poland and other countries.

Let’s unite our diverse community and join together on that special day! We will be delighted if you are able to join us at this event!

There is no need to book it!



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