Please note, that due to these changes, the newspaper is now going to be published every Monday, instead of every Friday.

As we move forward with Bridgwater News, we wanted to look at what we are doing, our plans for the future and ways in which we can improve things.

Our original plan, after showing what we will be doing with the PDF version of the newspaper, was to release the newspaper as a printed version, while still keeping the PDF version available to view online and to download.

We have looked at this, and one of the problems we have, is that while it would look good for us to have a printed version, this is not good for the environment. We decided to take an alternative route and improve on the way in which we create the PDF.

The PDF is now going to be interactive. So, for example, as well as showing you some of the stories with page numbers, you will now be able to click on the image, and it will take you directly to the correct page. More importantly though, we will be including video, so you will be able to view the pages as you can now, but some of these images will be viewable, and you can watch it simply by clicking on it.

We are now living in the 21st century, and we need to look at the tools we have as we move forward. We also have to look at what we are all doing to protect the future, and using even more paper is just adding to the problems we already have.


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