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The Rancher and Carrie Ann by Stevie MacFarlane

Spotlight with excerpt for The Rancher and Carrie Ann by Stevie MacFarlane

About the Book

Carrie Ann Meadows is a dreamer, a bit of a schemer, and the prettiest girl in Centerville. If she’d get her nose out of those damn dime novels now and then, she might realize that standing right in front of her is a flesh and blood man willing to do his best to turn her highly unlikely romantic notions into reality.

It’s not until Micah MacPherson stealthy purchases one of those books that he realizes he’s a far cry from the kind of man his Carrie Ann is dreaming about. He’s a rancher who has little time for courting a woman as it is. He doesn’t own fancy cravats, he can’t quote poetry, and he sure as hell isn’t on some social registry for highfalutin fops and dandies.

Micah loves Carrie Ann and he’s waited for her to grow up, but his patience is nearly at its end.  She’s either going to marry him, or he’ll be pleased to give her what she so richly deserves and set his sights elsewhere.  Surely somewhere there’s a woman who would appreciate a hard-working and devoted rancher with his eye on marriage.



“Mrs. Whitney saw us on Sunday,” she whispered.  “She told grandma, and I had to admit the truth to her.  Micah, she wants me married and settled down before something happens to her.  She’s worried that the story will get out.  My reputation will be ruined and no one will have me.”

“I see, so you’ve come to see if I still want to marry you, even though I told you quite clearly that you were too much trouble,” he drawled softly.

“Yes,” she whispered after a long pause.  “You see, if you don’t want to, I’ll have to find someone else right quick.”

His face darkened and Carrie tried to take a step back.

“So it’s not that you want to marry me, you just want to marry, and hastily,” he ground out.

“Yes,” she admitted, clearly relieved.

He released her and strode several paces away.  Carrie was sure he was swearing under his breath, but she could not make out the words.  Patiently she waited, standing just where he’d left her until he finally came to her and took her arm; towing her over to her horse he nearly catapulted her onto Thistles back.

“Well?” she demanded, staring down at him.

“I’ll think about it,” he growled out.

“For how long?” she demanded, grasping the reins he handed her.

“Until I damn well decide,” he shot back.  “Now get on home and out of this sun before you’re fried to a crisp,” he ordered, slapping Thistles hindquarters.

The horse took off and it was all Carrie Ann could do to hold onto her hat.

“Well, that didn’t go as planned,” she said bitterly.  Apparently Micah meant it when he said he’d given up on the idea of making her his bride.   It was too bad too, she thought as she headed for home.  He certainly had a nice physique, all hard muscles under tanned skin.  He was strong, determined, and a hard worker. One day he would inherit all the land she was riding over.  Yes, she could do a lot worse than Micah MacPherson.  And to make matters worse, for some strange reason every time she recalled his naked torso her heart beat faster.  She would have to remember this phenomenal reaction for her novel.

About the Author

Best-Selling author Stevie MacFarlane ,aka Markie Morelli, has been writing in her spare time for more than twenty years.  It wasn’t until 2012 that she decided to submit some of her work for publication.  Since then she has been nominated for several awards and has frequently hit Amazon’s list of Most Popular Erotic authors. While most of her stories are on the sweet side, she never fails to add just enough kink and humor to keep her loyal fans clamoring for more.

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