We met some of the 21st Century Productions cast in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s, Jesus Christ Superstar, which is being performed on 7th and 8th March at St Mary’s Church in Bridgwater.

We met three of the cast members, Matt (24), Sam (16) and Ben (43) who perform with 21st Century Productions.

We asked them how many performances had they done in the past, Sam told us,

“This will be my first with this society, however, I have done other shows with different companies.

”Matt told us,

“I have lost count of how many shows in total, but with this society this will be my third.”

Ben informed us,

“I have been a singing waiter for the last 10 years, I have been with this society 8 weeks and this will be my first lead in 9 years.

”He went on to say,

“I’m playing Judas.”

When asked how they feel before a show they all agreed,


Matt added,

“I thrive from the pressure.”

Ben said,

“Excitement until the last 5 minutes before the show, then the nerves do kick in.”

He went on to say,

“But once the lights and the music starts, then it is excitement.”

When asked on what their advice would be to other people thinking about joining a drama group. They told us,

“Do it, don’t just think it. Every show is a new family.”Ben added,

“Jump in early if you can, as when you are young, you are fearless.

”Matt and Sam told us,

“The church has been really supportive of the show and we hope that it brings the community together.”

Jesus Christ Superstar Tickets are between £12 and £15

You can also get your tickets from St. Mary’s church

For more details call Simon Thomas-Boddy on 07725315042 or email [email protected].

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