Yesterday we ran an article for Piggy’s Sandwich Bar here in Bridgwater, today we are going to give you our review on a couple of the snacks we tried yesterday for lunch.

Having sat and looked at the menu board for a while, I decided on a cheese toastie, lemon drizzle cake and a hot chocolate with marshmallows, and Joe ordered a broccoli quiche with coleslaw, a chocolate cake and a hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Sometimes when you order a cheese toastie the cheese isn’t melted enough but yesterday in Piggy’s it was just how I liked it, and as you bit into it, the cheese came out the sides.

The broccoli quiche with coleslaw was a good sized portion with equally a good size of coleslaw.  The quiche was really tasty but I have to say I have never tasted coleslaw as creamy as this was.

Now to our favourite, the cakes. I love lemon drizzle cake and I have tasted many without the taste of drizzle, however, Piggy’s was one that with every mouthful, you tasted lemons and was so moist, and also gluten free.

The hot chocolate rounded off lunch very nicely.

You also got a service with a smile with Dave.


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