For various reasons, political correctness is making equality impossible, and it is something that needs to be addressed, though people are often too worried to say anything which, in the end, proves the point being made.

We are told what we should be thinking and what we should be doing, and this is what we go along with, particularly on TV and in films. We are told that we should treat everybody equally, whether this is due to age, gender, sexuality, religion, race or anything else they want to add and this is what happens.

It seems that every TV programme or film has to have at least one gay couple, and you’ll often find a spattering of races. While there is nothng wrong with this, it doesn’t seem to be part of any story, and often TV programmes which have been running for years sudddenly have long-standing characters being gay, when there was no mention of this previously.  In addition to this, we are told that we have to use specific words to describe people, words which often change without warning and if we use the wrong word, we are in the wrong.

How often are you talking to somebody about something, for example something you saw on TV. They are trying to explain the person they saw and will go through everything to describe them, but wouldn’t say something like “the Chinese bloke”. This is silly in my view, as they would have no problem saying “the Scottish bloke”. Somehow it is considered racist in the former, but not the latter.

Then we come across hate crimes. Do I believe that hate crimes should be prosecuted? Yes I do, but not because they are hate crimes. These are crimes, and should be treated as crimes. Instead of spending time, resources and money on classifying them as hate crimes, get those who have committed these crimes into court and punish them for what they have done. If a gay couple is attacked, there is no reason that the perpetrator should get a different punishment than if they had attacked a man and woman.

The start of this article may sound as though I am politically incorrect and, I admit, this is definitely the case. I don’t just follow the thought police mindlessly. However, I believe that everybody should be treated equally, not dependent upon the their age, gender, sexuality, religion or race. Treat people the way you do because of who they are, not because of what they are, where they are from or for the God/Goddess they worship.

Because we are told what we must believe and what we must say, everybody just sounds like robots and there is no room for discussion. We need room for discussion, because until we can openly discuss things, there is no way for many people to understand people for who they are. This is impossible though, as people will instantly jump on anybody who questions things or simply asks a question. My guess is that whenever this post is shared on Facebook, there will be comments made by people who do not even read what I’ve written, it will simply be an opportunity for them to be self-righteous.

I have always believed that the only time that there is true equality is when it isn’t even mentioned. When we can see a gay wedding and not make a big deal about it, just to have it called a wedding. Only then will that be equality.

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