A leading Westcountry PR agency based in Bridgwater is this year celebrating its 25th anniversary in business.

Porcupine PR on Bristol Road was launched in 1994 by Rachel Burks, who is a former Guardian Media Group journalist.

Rachel, who runs the business with her husband and fellow director Andy Doran, said:

“We have a mixture of local, national and international, small to medium-sized business to business and consumer clients, and have helped many large national companies, such as the supermarket chain Tesco, with their PR projects too.

“As a result of my training as a journalist, we very much base our success on providing good editorial about our clients, that appeals to the media, to secure coverage for them.”

So, what’s changed in the last 25 years as far as journalism and PR is concerned?

“It seems very archaic these days as I trained on a typewriter not a PC and I learnt shorthand up to 120 words per minute. Back in the early 1990s, we had an internal electronic mail system at the newspaper but nothing more. People used to joke about the Internet asking: ‘Is it still going?’ No one thought then that it would have the impact it has had today.

“Before email, people posted hard copies of photos and press/media releases through the Royal Mail and releases came by fax. Everything took a lot longer and the news was not as immediate as is today. People didn’t have mobile phones to film or take photographs of the things happening around them on.

“Now everything is in real time. The news is being created and uploaded by the minute. As soon as photographs are taken, they can potentially be seen by millions. It has vastly improved the way we communicate with our clients and the media.

“It is strange to think that, once upon a time, I sent a printed-out media release and photo off in the post and waited for it to appear in a printed publication. We now often get contacted by journalists via social media and contact them via socials too.

“Despite these new methods, the traditional principles of journalism still hold true and everything we do has to inform, educate or entertain, and our close working relationships with journalists are just as important as ever.”

But it’s not just Rachel at Porcupine PR. The journalistically-trained team has experience in print, online, radio and TV, as well as the capability to create websites for clients. There’s also an in-house press and commercial photographer and product photographic studio.

For further details, please contact Porcupine PR on 01278 446801 or visit www.porcupinepr.co.uk, log on to www.facebook.com/PorcupinePR or follow the company on Twitter by visiting www.twitter.com/PorcupinePR.


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