When we let people know about the ‘One Somerset Number’ leaflet, and that it was going to be delivered to every home in Bridgwater and the surrounding area, there were a variety of responses.

Some felt, as we do, that this would be good, as not everybody is online and those who are may not be on social media, especially many of those who are classed as vulnerable during this time.

Others felt that this was a waste of money, and that everybody already knows about this phone number.

We thought it best to ask a couple of those who were responsible for the leaflet being produced, which you can see below the leaflet itself below (which you can download by clicking on the link).

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When asked why the leaflet was produced, as the number and information is available online, Brian Smedley said,

“The leaflet will be delivered by Royal Mail to every household so that everyone, even people without internet access, can know about this number. No one will be left behind. Bridgwater Town Council has designed and paid for the leaflet which was printed locally by Purnells. The leaflet also provides contacts for the Coronavirus Community Help Bridgwater group which is doing such a wonderful job in picking up on people who might not already have existing support networks in place. The leaflet has been produced as part of our contribution to the united campaign involving Town, District and County councils.”

We asked Cllr Leigh Redman, whose idea it was to create the leaflet, why he wanted to do this, and he told us,

“I am so pleased that this week Bridgwater town council funded 20,000 leaflets that will be delivered to every home in Bridgwater to reach out to those who may need a little help.”

“The homes of those most vulnerable should be contacted by Sedgemoor staff, if they have their details, checking if they need any additional support.”

“I live in Hamp and know that there are a number of self sufficient members of our community who may not appear on those lists, it’s not just the old person or disabled that think they can manage, when you think that this could be the case in every community across Bridgwater, the numbers that may be missed grows, when you factor in to this that they may not have internet or access to social media, I recognised that there are going to be some that might be missed.”

“My concern was that we might reach week 6 and find there is a person whom was missed, so I raised a proposal to Town council seeking to send a leaflet to every home explaining what is available and the ‘one Somerset number’ to every house in Bridgwater, the leaflet offers individual support but asks every resident to check their neighbours and refer if required, I am involved in the local Coronavirus community group Bridgwater and think we should be busier, we have a great set of volunteers ready to help, we need to make sure that every one of our neighbours get the help they need, people are having to self-isolate, lets be that good neighbour, don’t leave it to someone else, go check on that lovely old lady down the road or that person who lives alone, or even that young family you’ve not seen for a while, you might be the first contact they have had in weeks. Knock and step back to ensure social distancing.”

“Thank you Bridgwater town council for supporting me, now all that is left is for you to refer in or get the person in need to call 0300 790 6275.”

So what do you think? Was it the right thing to do?



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