If you are out tonight, you may have a problem using your phone to call to get a lift or to order a taxi, so you may want to find somebody who has a phone account other than Vodafone or O2.

Many people in Bridgwater have reported a problem, but according to Vodafone there may be a problem. O2 are reporting that you may not be able to make calls until Tuesday (26th):

Sorry, we’re carrying out some upgrade work in this area.

We’re carrying out some upgrade work to help improve our network. While we do this, you might have some trouble with your calls, texts and data.

We’re working as fast as we can.

Everything should be back to normal by 5am on Tuesday 26th February 2019.

Don’t put yourself in a position where you may be alone, and unable to call somebody.

Some people are now saying that they are now getting a signal. For others it is intermittent, which could be due to tests being run while the work is being done.


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